The future of tattoo removal technology has begun

Founded in 2008, EXtatin is a revolutionary biotechnology R&D company within the tattoo removal industry. Using cutting edge scientific techniques that encompass molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics, coupled with patented advanced nanotechnology, EXtatin’s drug-device innovation will be franchised, sold, and licensed to optimize ROI and as an exit strategy. Led by world-class entrepreneurial scientists and experts, EXtatin’s unique R&D consortium includes the Sunnybrook Research Institute, the MaRS Innovation Centre and Discovery District advisory services, as well as other major institutes of research.

We know - getting a bad tattoo is already painful enough... we strive to be a unique, innovative tattoo removal startup mandated to offer a painless, scar-free, ‘clean slate’ to the many millions of consumers who regret being tattooed for a myriad of health, personal, and other reasons. EXtatin is an early-stage, science-driven R&D venture with our intensive pilot, drug discovery, and product testing programs carded to be complete by the end of 2020, if all experiments proceed as planned. EXtatin’s R&D goal is to ameliorate the myriad of problems relating to tattoo regrets. Besides the obvious appearance and health considerations, tattoo regrets can lead to mental issues such as anxiety and depression. EXtatin seeks to provide cost-effective relief. We hope to develop a unique, patentable technique that would initially be commercialized in a clinical setting and ultimately be available globally for home use.



Unique R&D pilot studies are being implemented in 2016-2017 for the eventual development of a topical tattoo removal drug. EXtatin is not aware of any similar research program and has already begun to acquire 'intriguing' preliminary data via our innovative phase one (proof-of-concept) project to identify potential drug targets.


As our science program develops from pilot to drug discovery to product testing, proprietary nanotechnology, coupled with EXtatin’s candidate drug molecules will be designed to selectively target tattoo-engorged cells for safe, painless. topical tattoo removal, providing a unique, non-invasive, non-ablative (scar-free), clean slate – our dream outcome: the tattoo is simply brought to the surface and wiped away.

Market (Est.)

In the US alone, at least 8M tattooed individuals have expressed regret. In OECD countries, a minimum of 50M people have expressed tattoo regrets. Since tattooing rates are increasing exponentially each year worldwide, the global market size for EXtatin's unique tattoo removal venture is conservatively estimated at $10B. 

Note: All figures are estimates only and may be reviewed or changed or corrected at any time.

Distribution Channels

EXtatin is an R&D biotech company and a commercial drug will not be available for many years. EXtatin’s goal is to develop well-tested drug(s) to first be professionally applied and market-tested by dermatologists. Subsequently, our technique will be franchised, B2B licensed, and sold in clinics with eventual OTC availability via drug stores for home use.


Current state-of-the-art tattoo removal methods are ablative, necrotizing, pigment-altering, and prohibitively expensive. Among the top 3 North American companies actively researching innovative tattoo removal, EXtatin currently stands alone as a safe, topical, nanotechnological tattoo removal R&D venture. With improvements in laser tattoo removal on the rise, EXtatin is also open to collaborative or combinatory techniques with leading laser removal innovators.